2 seconds right click CPS test

Test your right mouse clicking speed within 2 seconds with this free and simple speeding clicking CPS (Clicks Per Second) Tester.


Right click to start CPS Test of your right side!

What is Speed Clicking?

Speed Clicking is a skill that is used in many games. It is the ability to click as fast as possible. And our platform is here to help you improve your speed clicking skills. Your speed clicking ability is tracked and measured in CPS rates. CPS rates allows you to know about your clicking per seconds. To check your CPS rates you have to take a CPS Test.

What is a CPS Test?

CPS Test is a kind of test in which you have to click a specific button of your mouse or keyboard in order to know how many key strokes you can press in a given limitation of time. Basically, a test that allows you to know your clicking speed.

How to take a CPS test?

We have developed multiple CPS tests for you, to take a CPS test you can scroll up to the"CPS Timeframes" section, and choose any CPS test that you feel comfortable with.

Motivation behind this web app.

Making this clicking game was pretty fun, and the best part is it's getting popular day by day. I was wandering around with some of my projects, and suddenly my brother appeared with his extraordinary idea .

He is a 14 years old kid, who plays Minecraft, and he loves doing it. I was just traveling towards his room and I got to know he wants a feature to be added to a web app he uses to increase his Minecraft PVP skills; more specifically clicking skills.

Co-Founder of speed clicking: Binay Bhandari

And I thought 'why not I develop it'? And then I developed it, and added those features that he wanted. Features like fullscreen and a huge place to test his clicking speed. Also, I thought adding a dark mode toggling feature would be awesome. And finally it was ready.

I hope you'd love this result of collaboration between me and my 14 years old brother.